Adopt the Growth Mindset and You Will Go Far In Life


Mindset: Adopt the Growth Mindset and You Will Go Far In Life“A reasonable man adapts himself to his environment.  An unreasonable man persists in attempting to adapt his environment to suit himself.  Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

― George Bernard Shaw

The Two Types of Mindset

Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

If you have a fixed mindset, then you feel comfortable and doesn’t want to improve yourself and your life.

You lack drive and will turn away from anything that remotely scares you.     

You sit in the passenger seat of life.

On the other end of the spectrum is the growth mindset.

Having a growth mindset, you’re able to overcome challenges because you view them as opportunities for growth.

You are always looking for ways to improve yourself and your current situation.

You take full responsibility for your life and are content with where you are, but not complacent.

What separates the fixed and growth mindset are six key distinctions.

Let’s highlight those differences.

The Fixed Mindset

In the world of career and business, the fixed mindset is also known as the employee mindset.

The employee mindset put emphasis on:

  • Entitlement
  • Output
  • What is asked or requested for
  • Working for job security
  • Not making decisions despite having authority to do so
  • Viewing circumstances as fixed and permanent

You’re reactive by sitting around and wait for the perfect opportunity before you take action.  

You don’t take risks because you don’t give yourself permission to go after what you want.  

Your victim mentality causes you to think life is out of your control and that “success” only happens to a selected few.

The Growth Mindset

The growth mindset in the professional world is the entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneur: Growth Mindset - Purpose Driven MasteryThe entrepreneurial mindset focus on:

  • Contribution
  • Outcome
  • What is needed or required
  • Becoming indispensable
  • Taking risks and making the big decisions
  • Viewing circumstances as temporary

Having the entrepreneurial mindset, you take “success” into your hands.

Now having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t mean you have to be an entrepreneur or in business because this mindset also applies to employees.

It’s also possible for entrepreneurs to have the fixed (employee) mindset and it usually results in stagnation or failure in their businesses.

With a true entrepreneur mindset, you’re always aware if you’ve fallen back into the employee mindset.

To distinguish the differences in each category, let’s dive deeper.

The Difference Between Entitlement and Contribution

Entitlement is present when you believe that something should belong to you without you having to actually work for it.

If you experienced losing your job in the past, did you feel angry and resentful that your previous company had let you go?

If you did, then you have felt entitlement.

Focusing on contribution in that situation, you would have questioned where you could have added more value in the workplace.

When you focus on contribution, you have other people’s best interest at heart and are constantly serving and adding value to them.

What drives me to write this post is to serve you.

My only concern is to help you understand the benefits of the growth mindset, so hopefully, you would want to adopt this mindset.

As a result, you will grow as a person and become a more powerful version of yourself.  

I don’t care about how many views or shares I get on this post because I’m not driven by external factors.

The Difference Between Output and Outcome

If you focus on output, you put emphasis on following through with the motion of doing what is purely requested and expect the outcome to magically appear.

A prime example is the formal education system.

You’re told at a young age that if you focus on going to school five days a week and diligently do all the necessary work to receive good grades, then positive outcomes such as a guaranteed a job after graduation.

This belief is no longer true.  

Getting a field-related job after graduation is quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule.

How many people do you know have graduated with a college degree but have to settle for unrelated jobs just to pay the bills?

Just because you received good grades in school doesn’t translate to earning money in the real world.

Work Harder: Growth Mindset - Purpose Driven MasteryPeople with the fixed mindset purely focus on just working harder and harder (output) without deliberating if the efforts are directly correlated to producing the results that they want.

But when you focus on outcome instead of output, you specifically engage in activities that directly produce the results and outcomes that you want in your life.

You put emphasis on real-world outcomes and skills that will deliver the results that you want, regardless of personal or professional endeavors.

If you’re able to create value in the form of real-world results for others, then you will have people willing to pay for those results.

The Difference Between Requested and Needed

How many times have you done just the bare minimum of what is asked of you to get the job done?

Instead of focusing on what is requested of you, focus on what truly is needed in any given situation.  

You first have to understand what the situation needs and give a solution.

Many times it’s about solving problems and if you can give that, then you’re adding value to others.

In the professional work setting, if you can help your coworkers and boss solve problems, then they will gravitate towards you.  

You will be the first to be promoted, to win businesses, and the last one to be laid off.

For personal settings such as being out with friends, ask yourself how you can add value to the interaction.

Perhaps you can tell them a funny joke or genuinely compliment your friends to make them feel appreciated and valued.  

Your friends will like you more and would want to hang out with you again.

The Difference Between Working For Job Security and Being Indispensable

You have heard the best way to be valuable in an organization is to be indispensable.

But what does that really mean?

This actually means you have to become dispensable.

This might be counterintuitive, but please allow me to explain.

Let’s imagine you want to climb up the corporate ladder in your company.

Become indispensable by being dispensable: Growth Mindset - Purpose Driven MasteryThe best way to move up and become a leader is to make yourself obsolete in your current role.  

You can do that by outgrowing the role that you’re in.

You can learn new practical skills and proactively acquire new responsibilities that only you can do.

Because of the new skills and responsibilities, you’re now more valuable and your time is worth much more than what you were previously assigned to do.

Your previous position will be assigned to someone else and you will be focused on performing more important tasks.

If you can continually do that for each new role that you’re in, then you will soon be at the top because you have outgrown each role that you’ve been assigned to.

You have become indispensable by being dispensable!

In the business world, when you become dispensable even at the highest level, it means that you have picked great people to keep the business going strong despite your absence.

This is only possible if you have a great system that involves great hiring, delegation, automation, outsourcing, and anything else required to allow your organization to run smoothly.

The Impact of Making Big Decisions Despite Not Having Authority

The biggest difference I see between “successful” and “unsuccessful” people is their permission to allow themselves to make decisions and take risks.

Take Risks: Growth Mindset - Purpose Driven MasterySuccessful people don’t let others dictate if they can or can’t do something.  

They give themselves permission to make decisions that could impact and change their lives.

Most times, you’re too afraid to make big decisions because of fear.

You fear uncertainty and the unknown because you cling to comfort and safety.

With a fixed mindset, you won’t make big decisions because you’re afraid of losing your job.

Now granted, the decision that you’re making should be something that you honestly think will help the company in one way or another.

Only big decisions will lead to big impacts.  

And if you’re not making a positive impact, then you will be on top of the list when the time comes for layoffs.

The Power of Being Unreasonable

Do you view the world as a place full of rules, regulations, and protocols?

You do when you have a fixed mindset do just that.

I’m not talking about those societal rules that you must obey to be a law-abiding citizen.

I’m talking about the hidden “rules” such as that you have to get a formal school education degree to pursue what you want.

People who believe that will follow and do what is told and expected of them so that everything will turn out as they have hoped.

But all successful people who I know have created their own rules and opportunities for themselves.

Before helping others with their health and life challenges, I constrained myself with a limiting belief that I don’t have the qualifications for it.

I was held back with thoughts such as:

  • No one would listen to me.
  • I don’t have the credentials for it.

But one day, I simply decided and gave myself the permission to start helping others.  

I realized that I don’t “need” to have a teaching degree or any other certification although it would help.

All my clients care about is for me to help them solve their problems by providing progress and results.  

If I can deliver what they want, then they will continue to pay and work with me.

Just like the quote stated in the beginning, your progress depends on you being unreasonable.

Therefore my suggestion to you is to be unreasonable!

How you perceive your environment plays a key role in your actions because your perspective becomes your reality.

You could either let a past traumatic event cripple you or allow it to teach you a powerful lesson.

Ask yourself how you can learn from your past challenges and use them as fuel to propel you forward.

And how can you see the world as more flexible and mold it into the shape that you want it to be?

Closing Thoughts

Speaking from personal experience, the results of adopting the growth mindset has been enormously impactful in my life.

I believe it can do the same for you.

Most “successful” people didn’t get to where they are now by accident.

It all started with the simple but difficult decision to take risks.

They may not succeed on the first attempt, but they use their “failures” as feedback to learn and grow.

Each setback brings them more wisdom and the opportunity for growth.

For them to succeed, they just have to do it once!

Often times you only hear about many entrepreneurs’ success stories but rarely about their countless failures.

They wouldn’t have become successful without their “failures.”

Not viewing their failures as permanent, they persisted.

They were unreasonable and created the progress and results that they have envisioned for themselves.

Whether if you’re an employee of a company or an entrepreneur, you have the power to choose how you want to live your life and write your own story.

Knowing that you have this choice can empower you to become the creator of your life, rather than the reactor of life.

Take full responsibility for your life!

Growth Mindset - Purpose Driven MasteryGo create your dream life and ultimately become the man you want to be.

I am on a mission to help as many people as I can. But I can’t do that without your help. If you have a second, please share this article with anyone who you may think will find it valuable and helpful.

Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it!

Do you want to live with more fulfillment, courage, and equanimity in your life? Start here with your gift!


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