Become a Chooser and Deserve What You Want In A Woman


Chooser: Purpose Driven Mastery

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

― Charles T. Munger

Become a Chooser

The most fundamental need in life is survival. And the next “need” is procreation.

Hence, romantic relationships are a natural part of life.

But understand this important fact:

There are many beautiful women who you’re compatible with.

Because of my drive to procreate, I’m hardwired to mate with as many women as possible. By doing so, I increase the likelihood of passing down my genes.

This links back to your tribal times as stated in the book Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá.
Because I’m hardwired to be with many women doesn’t mean I can’t choose to be with just one.

I always have the option to select my way of thinking. I don’t have to live life according to anyone’s expectation.

Just because it’s considered “normal” by society doesn’t make it right or wrong.

I’m the only person who can decide the validity of anything.

If I choose to be polygamous and want to be with multiple women, I can do that. But if I wish to be loyal and faithful to just one woman, I’m also free to do that as well.

This type of thinking applies to every area of my life.

As long as my intentions are manifestations of love and compassion, my thoughts and actions can do no harm.

When choosing to be polygamous, I must clearly communicate that to all the women I’m dating. Letting them know exactly what they’re getting into, that way they can decide for themselves.

Those women who are open to the idea will stay while those who aren’t will leave.

Take Full Responsibility

To become a man women want, you must work on yourself to unleash your fullest potential.

It starts by taking full responsibility for your life and it’s one of the most difficult things you must do.

Chooser: Full Responsibility - Purpose Driven MasteryBecause you only have one life, you only have to do it once.

Your resistance towards taking responsibility will cause to you to blame everything and everyone for your failures and lack of success.

But the true cause of your problems is the person staring you in the mirror.

You’re the reason for all your “failures” and “successes” in life. You’re the root of all the issues in your life.

Fortunately, you’re also the solution to all your life’s problems.

It starts by taking responsibility for your actions.

Understand you’re already good enough at this point. You already have everything you’ll ever need to achieve happiness and success.

If you can truly accept who you are now, you can start to improve yourself coming from a place of love. Having that mindset, you choose to be better so you can be more powerful and effective in the world.

Create A Powerful Vision for Yourself

Write down values, qualities or attributes that you want in an ideal woman. To give you an example, here are some values I look for in a woman.

  • Health
  • Continuous Growth
  • Authenticity/Genuineness
  • Contribution
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Humor

Once you have your list, rank them in the order of importance from one to ten with ten being the most important.

This is your deal maker list. It’s equally as important to list out your deal breakers.

Because I want a woman who values her health, I wouldn’t date someone who smokes. Secondary criteria include your lifestyle compatibilities such as views on marriage, children, and locations to live.

These are important topics to discuss and align in the early stages of the dating process before you fully invest in her.

Now that you have defined your dream woman, here comes the most difficult part.

You must become the person that embody all those values, traits or attributes.

That’s because a woman who has all those qualities you listed wouldn’t want to be with a man who also doesn’t have similar characteristics.

Chooser: Man Women Want - Purpose Driven MasteryYou must be a high-quality man to attract and keep a high-quality woman.

You may be able to use gimmicky tricks or fancy gadgets to attract the woman. Sooner or later, she will know your true character.

Besides, those women who you do attract with money aren’t the ones you want to be with. You may want to be with them because of their goddess-like physical features. But that will fade with time and you won’t be interested in them because of your lack of emotional connection with them.

It’s best not to invest time and energy in those type of women.

To attract and keep your ideal compatible women, you must present your best authentic character.

Of the values, qualities or attributes that you have written down, put next to them a score of one to ten with ten being the highest – meaning you’re completely in love with it and there’s no room for improvement.

Be 100% honest with yourself because this is only for your eyes. No one is going to see it unless you choose to share it.

Create An Action Plan

Now that you have a vision of what you want in a woman, it’s time to create an action plan to become the man she wants.

  • How will you become that man with all the value, qualities, or attributes you have created for yourself?
  • What steps will you take to become that man?

Get realistic and specific, then start small, that way you will build momentum and confidence as your progress.

For example, if you want to be funnier, identify what type of humor you like. Then surround yourself with more of those type of comedy by watching videos, listening to audios, or reading books on that topic.

After consuming the appropriate knowledge, you must go out and practice implementing what you have learned with family members, friends, or complete strangers.

Regardless of what skill you’re working on, appreciate the small wins because over time they add up to big victories.

If your strategy isn’t working, listen to the feedback and adjust accordingly. Consistently work on yourself while you go out and meet people, especially women.

As a man, you must take the lead and initiate every interaction with the opposite gender. Put yourself out there and talk to anyone and everyone so that it becomes a habit for you to meet new people daily.

After building a strong rapport with new friends, exchange contact information so you can invite them to future events. Use your outings as a filtering process to select high-quality men and women into your life.

Be consistent with it and eventually you’ll have an abundant social circle with both high-quality men and women.

Chooser: Abundant Social Circle - Purpose Driven MasteryBecause high-quality people tend to have high-quality friends, you can use it as a method to meet high-quality women.

During this arduous journey, you will face many inevitable “failures” and “rejections.” Don’t give up because this is all part of the process.

If necessary, ask for help from close friends and mentors because they want to help you succeed. Understand those struggles are there to challenge you and make you stronger.

They’re there to make your story deeper and more powerful. Therefore, embrace all the obstacles, hardships, and adversities.

One day you’ll look back and be thankful for them. Because without those defeats, you wouldn’t be the man you are today.

Don’t Ever Settle

You know you’re settling when you compromise any of the values, qualities, or attributes on your deal maker list.

When you deserve less than what you want in your romantic relationship, you and your woman both suffer. That’s because deep down, you believe you desire someone better.

As a result, you won’t be able to fully give yourself to her.

Apathetic about your woman, you eventually will seek excitement elsewhere. This might even result in having affairs with other women.

Your partner deserves your best. Not being able to give that to her, you’re “cheating” her chance of being with a man who can.

This isn’t fair to either of you.

Both of you deserve someone who truly thinks you’re the best compatible person in the world for them.

Chooser: Deserve What You Want In A Woman - Purpose Driven Mastery

You both win when you two want and deserve each other.

Closing Thoughts

As scary and lonely as it may sound, you’re better off being alone than to be with the wrong woman.

With constant external pressure from parents, friends, and society, you’re extremely tempted give in and settle. But the price you pay is an unhappy life with an incompatible partner.

Do you truly want that?

Is it worth all the trouble and hassle of settling which will result in inevitable unhappiness and possible divorce?

The fear of being alone forever is real.

That’s why you must start your life-transformation journey now. Put in the work now so you can bear the fruits later.

Nothing meaningful will come easy because you’re not entitled to anything. Believe in yourself and become the man women want.

Your dream partner is out there improving on herself and she’s can’t wait to meet you.

She won’t show up until you’re ready. And one day, your paths will cross.

Keep going, never give up!

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