Fill Your Woman’s Feminine Core Essence with Love and Support


Feminine - Purpose Driven Mastery“Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.”

― John Gray

Dating Journey

Understanding the feminine was always a constant struggle in my journey with getting better with women.

During my passage, I’ve met many fascinating women along the way.

Some were more interesting than others, but they were all uniquely special.

Viewing dating as fun, I enjoyed meeting new women on the daily.

By scanning her nonverbal communications (body language and facial expression), I have a general idea of what type of woman she is.

But nonetheless, I give her the benefit of the doubt unless she demonstrates to me otherwise.

Despite having closed body language (crossed arms, unfriendly facial expression, etc.), she may have amazing qualities, traits, and attributes.

The only way for me to find out is to have a conversation with her.

Before talking to her, I detach any expectations.

The only thing that matters is going after what I want by taking action, which is to talk to her and find out what she’s all about.

I know that she would be open to meeting other men if she’s single.

If I were compatible for her, then she would want me to talk to her.

After initiating a conversation and having built a genuine connection, I can clearly state my intentions so I can set up a date in the near future.

However, if the outcome wasn’t positive, then I don’t take it personally and gracefully exit the interaction.

Regardless of the outcome, I feel confident because I took action and went after what I want.

That’s when I’m aligned and fulfilled because I’m living according to my values.

Dating to me is a number’s game.

Feminine: Dating - Purpose Driven MasteryThat’s because the more women I meet, the more likely I’ll encounter a woman who I’m compatible with.

It’s similar to picking out that white ball in a box of black balls.

The more black balls I pick out, the higher my chances are of selecting the white ball.

After dating a compatible woman for a while, I have the choice to be exclusive with her.

Lead With Love

After entering the relationship stage, you will inevitably have problems because there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship.

When your woman expresses problems in the relationship, it’s your responsibility to figure out what’s wrong with the current situation because she will rarely tell you what the problem is.

Her feminine essence doesn’t want to be direct with you. That’s because she wants to feel your masculinity. It’s more attractive when you can identify her transient needs and wants.

But most of the problems you have with your woman are emotionally related to feeling unloved.

Then the solution is for you to make her feel loved and treasured.

The worst thing you can do is to analyze her mood and try to fix her.

This in return will further enrage her or make her feel more agitated.

To make your woman feel loved, look deeply into her eyes, hold her tightly, and express your desire and love for her.

Feminine: Lead With Love - Purpose Driven MasteryYou can achieve that with your eyes, touch, voice, or movement such as dancing with her.

After she feels loved and is in a positive mood, most of her problems will have dissipated.

But if she still has some issues that need to be dissolved, then ask if she would like your help.

If she does, then use your masculine approach of analyzing all possible solutions to her problem.

Be decisive and provide her with your best answer.

Let her know she will have your love no matter what she decides.

But most times, you showing her your love and lending your attentive ears are sufficient to solve her immediate problems.

Her Feminine Truth

In the context of a romantic relationship, her feminine truth is based on her feelings at that moment.

Often times, what she says is not what she means because her words are simply based on her emotions.

Like your feelings, her feelings are temporary and they can change at a moment’s notice.

Therefore, her response is rarely definite.

If you want to change your woman’s mind, then first try changing her mood by putting her in a joyful state.

Then she’s more likely to change her answer to what you want to hear.

You can do that by making her feel appreciated, loved, and valued.

This translates to hugging her, kissing her, or picking her up to make her feel beautiful and relaxed.

Feminine: Her Feminine Truth - Purpose Driven MasteryTo penetrate her femininity and see her true expression in the present moment, you need to tap into your masculinity by first establishing love and intimacy with your woman.

Support and Praise Her

Because the feminine thrives on support and praise, she will respond positively to your words of encouragement.

As opposed to your masculine, her feminine doesn’t thrive on challenges.

Her feminine qualities such as beauty, radiance, love, and happiness feed on the praises that you provide.

Feminine: Support and Praise Her - Purpose Driven MasteryFor example, if you want your woman to take better care of her health, then don’t tell her that she should stop eating unhealthy food and start exercising more.

This might work with your male friends since you’re challenging their health, but it’s counterproductive with the feminine.

Saying this to her will decrease the likelihood that she will improve her health.

Therefore, instead tell her something that you like about her when she’s healthy.

Perhaps you can compliment on her positive attitude when she eats healthy and exercises or how sexy you think she is when she sweats during her workouts.

This in return will encourage her to start taking better care of her health.

Closing Thoughts

Women operate differently than you do because their behaviors are dictated by their current emotions that can radically change from one moment to the next.

That’s because the feminine core essence is driven by love.

Hence why she turns to soap operas, love stories, or discussing relationships with her friends.

This is different from your masculine core of searching for freedom and challenges by living life outside of your comfort zone.

Why do you think the majority of sports fans are men?

It’s because they want to see others live life on the edge even if they can’t do that themselves.

In effect, these men are experiencing challenges and excitement vicariously through those athletes.

Despite the different programming in your brain, you can still understand and relate to your woman by first leading with love.

After she feels loved, you can then try to solve her problem if it still exists.

Feminine - Purpose Driven MasteryIt’s a skill that takes practice but the better you become at it, the more your relationship will thrive.

Both you and your woman want that.

Therefore, the next time your woman throws a tantrum at you, assume she’s not being loved.

Take appropriate action and see how her behavior changes positively.

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  1. I am a woman and I enjoy reading things from male perspectives, especially pertaining to masculinity and femininity. This is a great article and I am glad I came across it. Thank you for this!


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