Discipline: Learn To Cultivate It and Have More Success In Life


Discipline - Purpose Driven Mastery“Self-discipline is when your highest desire rules your lesser desires, not through resistance, but through loving action grounded in understanding and compassion.”

― David Deida

Choose Delayed Gratification

Discipline is the most important attribute for success, however you define it.

Growing up in China, I was forced to be “disciplined” out of fear, the fear of physical punishment.

After breaking free from communism in the early 1990’s, China still allowed acts of physical punishment in school.

Despite excelling in school, I would often times make mistakes on homework assignments and exams.

Discipline: Choose Delayed Gratification - Purpose Driven MasteryFor every mistake made, I received one hit from a bamboo stick.

To mitigate the physical pain, I would dress in many layers on days when teachers returned my exams.

But through the years of the fear of physical punishment, I learned to cultivate discipline at a young age.

Now awakened and conscious, I have rewired my belief in cultivating discipline out of love for growth.

Instead of living an average life that’s easy filled with instant gratification, mediocrity, and complacency, I want to live a fulfilled life with excitement and adventure.

By doing so, I have learned to enjoy the process and go for delayed gratification.

This means choosing to eat healthy and nutrient-dense foods for body nourishment over unhealthy foods that are delicious yet slowly poison my body.

I might feel great during the moment of eating that bag of chips or those oily fries.

But my body doesn’t benefit from those junk food.

Wanting to have more energy, I choose to eat nutrient-dense foods although it may not be rewarding at the moment.

This is only possible with discipline.

True discipline allows me to follow through with my highest desire even when no one is watching.

When it’s just me and my character.

That’s when my true character will shine through.

Without seeking validation from anyone, I’m doing it for myself.

That’s when I know this lifestyle is sustainable because I’m doing it for the right reasons.

The Power of Discipline

Discipline is one of the most important attributes that stands between success and failure.

That’s because discipline allows you to do things that you may not enjoy at the moment but will reward benefits in the future.

This means investing your time doing things such as exercising, investing time to get better with women, or building a business without any immediate return.

These activities might suck during the moment, but you’ll be grateful for them in the future.

Exercising will allow you to have a higher level of physical health with more muscle, increased vascular strength, and mental capacity to deal with stress.

Getting better with women will allow you to bring more women into your life. And eventually crossing paths with a compatible high-quality woman, you’re ready to do all the right things to attract and keep her.

Lastly, building a business that doesn’t have an immediate return on investment will allow you to appreciate the returns when you start generating revenue.

Discipline: The Power Of Discipline - Purpose Driven MasteryRarely do businesses have immediate returns, even if it does, you won’t learn to appreciate its true value because you haven’t dedicated enough time to build it.

You must put in the work to deserve the fruitions of your labor.

Despite not having a successful business, you’ll learn from your mistakes and turn them into powerful lessons.

This will cause you to be a wiser entrepreneur in your future endeavors.

As a result, you will have learned to fail successfully.

How To Cultivate Discipline

Discipline, like any other skill, can be learned.

It’s a muscle that requires frequent training to be strong.

Similar to willpower, your discipline will be the strongest when you first wake up.

However, you can maintain a strong level of discipline throughout the day by doing things that you know you must do.

In effect, you’re causing a chain reaction to stack and build on existing discipline.

As a result, your level of discipline will actually increase throughout the day.

You can start your day off with a solid morning routine that puts you in a positive state.

Discipline: Cultivate Discipline - Purpose Driven MasteryThen let that momentum catapult you for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, even when you’re doing all the right things, you will still feel resistance and the urge to be undisciplined.  

A simple question that you can ask yourself is:

“Is what I’m doing aligned with my values?”

For example, if at the end of a tiring day, I’m tempted to watch a mindless television show that will decrease the quality of my sleep because of the blue light exposure.

Then I ask myself:

“Is watching television before bedtime aligned with my value of health?”

The answer is an obvious “no.”

Guided by my answer, I choose to prepare for sleep with light yoga stretches or foam-rolling movements while listening to relaxing meditation music.

By asking myself this simple yet powerful questions, I can create more discipline in my life.

Instead of choosing for the instant gratification of watching television, I choose the delayed gratification of preparing myself for sleep because the benefits that I will experience in the morning.

Those benefits include waking up with more energy, zest, and vitality after a high-quality night of sleep.

Closing Thoughts

Discipline is an attribute that you can learn to cultivate more of.

Because your surrounding environment has many forms of instant gratification, you must make a conscious effort to fight for delayed gratification.

But the determining factor that will help you prevail is your “why.

It all comes to how bad you want it.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

If you want it bad enough, then you will put in the necessary time and work to achieve it.

It’s simple as that.

But just because it’s simple, it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Discipline: Hard Work - Purpose Driven MasteryWhere are you holding back in life?

What is it that deep down you want to do but are too afraid to do it?

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Let discipline help you get there.

Show up and do the work even when no one is watching and do it for your sake.

Radiate your true character and do more of what’s most important to you.

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