Personal Accountability Breeds Confidence and Success


Personal Accountability - Purpose Driven Mastery“Accountability breeds response-ability.”

– Stephen Covey

Personal Accountability

Personal accountability creates excellence.

Every one of my goals is important to me because they give guidance and direction in my life.

Here are some of my current daily goals.

  • Deliberately practice swimming
  • Meet two attractive women
  • Write a minimum of 500 words
  • Answer one Quora question

Personal Accountability - Purpose Driven MasteryAlthough achieving these goals are important, I don’t attach myself to the outcome or result.

The only determining factor of success is my level of commitment towards each goal.

As long as I’m taking deliberate action and committing to my intentions, then I’m becoming a better person.

Being on the journey and enjoying the process through the peaks and valleys, I’m already a success.

Becoming a better swimmer, writer, having a larger audience or a high-quality woman in my life are only bonuses of becoming a better version of myself.

Growth and success are inevitable when I go after what I want.

They will come with time as a result of testing my persistence, patience, and drive.

My self-esteem and confidence increase when I follow through with my intentions.

By taking action on the important things, I live a conscious life that’s aligned with my values.

Far outweighing the outcome, the process is much more valuable because of the hard work and dedication that my journey allows me to achieve those tangible results.

For example, if someone simply gave me a marathon medal, then I wouldn’t value it at all.

However, if I had gone through all the training preparation for a marathon and ran the full 26.2 miles during race day, then I would value the medal much more.

In this case, the medal symbolizes the sweat and discipline that I had to endure and cultivate to achieve it.

Whether or not I get a medal for my hard work is irrelevant.

What I truly care about is the growth that I experience through the training and the race itself.

The medal is only a mere bonus to me, the icing on the cake that’s my disciplined character.

By having personal accountability, I ensure myself to always choose growth despite discomfort and failure.

“Failure” is inevitable in everything that I do, but I welcome it with open arms.

That’s because every “failure” is an opportunity for growth because it’s my chance to review and think of ways to be better next time.

True failure only exists when I give up and don’t learn anything from the experience.

As a result of inevitable “failures,” I’ve now learned to fail successfully forward.

For every challenge, I see a better version of myself on the other side.

Valuing growth, I always seek opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone.

And as long as I’m going after what I want, then I will always be growing.

That’s my ultimate and achievable goal in life.

The Power of Accountability

Having goals give you direction and guidance.

Achieving each goal will bring your vision closer to reality.

By going after your goals, you’ll inevitably get tangible results while making progress.

Along the way, you’ll build confidence and self-esteem because you follow your words with actions.

The Power of Accountability - Purpose Driven MasteryAs a result, you’ll have higher productivity and more fulfillment.

Going after things that are of importance, you’re living an aligned life with your values.

In essence, you’re living with integrity by being a man of your words.

That sense of self-empowerment is what drives you to be more ambitious and to create more goals.

But at the same time, you’re not lost in the insanity for the sake chasing outcome and results.

Despite your high level of commitment, you stay grounded by enjoying the journey while detaching yourself from the outcome.

After following through with your actions, you build a higher sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

You become a more powerful man knowing that you can commit to your words.

How confident will you feel?

How attractive is that to others?

This builds trusts in your relationships because people know they can count on you.

They can relax knowing they can depend on you based on your strong and committed history of living by your words.

Nothing builds trust and confidence in yourself easier and faster than meaning what you say by doing what you say with action.

However, every time you break your commitment, you start to lose confidence and belief in yourself.

Therefore, the key to having more confidence and belief in yourself is to do what you say you’re going to, even if those things are scary and challenging.

Ways to Be Accountable

Sharing your goals with family and friends is one of the easiest ways to get accountability.

Signs of effective accountability partners include consequences and repercussions that you must face if you fail to commit your words with action.

The goal is not to reach a designated outcome, but to hold you accountable for things you say you’re going to do.

This will increase your level of commitment to go after what you want.

If you want to take accountability to the next level, then create personal accountability for yourself.

This means you hold yourself accountable for everything that you intend to do.

Being accountable for your actions, you create excellence for yourself and those around you.

You set a great example for others who will admire and respect you.

In the workplace, your level of self-responsibility is what motivates others wanting to do the same.

Ways To Be Accountable - Purpose Driven MasteryLeading by example is a great way to show to others that you’re a man of your words.

This subconsciously communicates to others that you take your words seriously.

As a result, you will have more authority, credibility, and trust in the workplace.

Your colleagues will have respect and trust for you because that level of self-accountability is rare and admirable.

Closing Thoughts

Nothing in your life will change unless you change.

You must be accountable for everything that you do.

If you want something in life, then you must own that responsibility and go after it.

But before you go after it, you must ask yourself these questions?

Why am I pursuing this goal?

How important is it to me?

How do I feel when I follow through with my words with action?

If you want it bad enough, then you’ll make the time and put in the necessary effort for it.

Your initial challenge is to get started.

That’s because the more actions you take, the more you’ll want to take action.

Following through with your actions will inevitably build self-esteem and confidence.

Personal Accountability - Purpose Driven MasteryAfter building a strong foundation, you’ll start to wonder what else is possible.

Follow your curiosity and hold yourself accountable for everything that you intend to do.

Excellence and tangible results are inevitable.

Put in the deliberate work and your success will come.

It’ll be just a matter of time.

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