Cultivate Passion and Live Life with Zest and Vigor


Passion - Purpose Driven Mastery“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.”

– Howard Thurman

Life-Transformative Moment

Passion isn’t innately bestowed upon, but rather a skill that you can learn to cultivate.

Immersed in rural China’ simple lifestyle, my family and I met our basic survival needs with our own rice fields, vegetable garden, and farm animals. Ignorant of the world’s technological advancements, we were content and satisfied with what we had.

However, that unconsciousness was inevitably slowly dismantled by the luxuries owned by our neighbors’ rich friends and those seen in television shows and movies. Through osmosis, our desire for extravagance became more prevalent.

As my parents quickly realized, the secret to obtaining lavishment was through a college education and earning more money.

In contrast to today, attending college during my parents’ generation was the exception rather than the norm. Those selected few with a college degree went on to have highly paid jobs and living an extremely comfortable life.

Therefore, my parents emphasized huge importance on formal education for my brother and me. That’s because our success would be seen as their success. In addition, it was their way of displaying high social class status.

Having that belief, I’ve always experienced pressure to thrive in school in efforts to have a bright future. My parent’s invisible drive for me contributed to my perseverance and academic success.

After graduating from college, I strengthened this belief by dedicating most of my time to work. Because without my job, there would be no money.

As a result of primarily focusing on my career, I started experiencing deterioration in all areas of my life which my health was the first to go.

Whether it’s coming in on the weekends, skipping numerous lunches in order to meet a project’s deadline, or traveling for work for an extended period, they all contributed to my decline in health.

In a short span of one year, I had gained twenty pounds of fat and often times felt lethargic. What simultaneously suffered were my relationships and personal growth.

My social life was boring because of the mundane activities of getting drunk with the same friends every weekend. In addition, my dating life was nonexistent because I didn’t make the time to meet women since I imprisoned myself at work.

As for investing in my personal growth, I didn’t have time for hobbies such as hiking, reading for leisure, or challenging myself in new activities.

To put bluntly, my life was rapidly torpedoing down into a pile of manure.

However, my life-transformative moment came when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Vividly, I remember staring myself in the bathroom mirror with disgust and asking myself the following questions.

  • “Who have I become?”
  • “How did I let myself get to this point?”
  • “What am I going to do to fix it?”

That’s when I decided, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Passion: Life-Transformative Moment - Purpose Driven MasteryMy health and my life aren’t worth the money that I’m making. I’m not going to put my life at risk for the sake of chasing monetary gains anymore. No amount of money in the world can replace my health. My riches are worthless if I don’t have the health to enjoy them.

Slowly taking the necessary steps to improve my health, I had regained my sense of confidence and love for living again. After losing all the fat that I gained within six months, I became fascinated with taking care of my health. And the more I improved my health, the more I wanted to learn about health – physical, mental, and spiritual.

My health struggles catalyzed my life transformation and eventually became my passion. Over time, I cultivated more drive as I actively dedicated time towards learning and improving my health.

Because of the pain from my health challenges, I felt the need to help others who are dealing with their unique health agony. That’s because I want them to get out of suffering and feel their most energetic and confident self.

By improving my health, I discovered the desire to improve other areas of my life. This included my professional life, relationships, and personal growth. After delving deeper into those areas, I also felt the urge to help others who want to enhance their overall life.

This holistic approach is the key to living a well-balanced life. Hence that’s where my passion currently is and what I spent most of my time doing. When diving into topics of integrated life improvement, I feel alive and connected to my core.

Discover and Cultivate Your Passion

Deep beneath your core, you have something that lights a fire in your belly. It’s your passion you have cultivated over time. Ask yourself:

  • “What makes me excited?”
  • “What do I love doing?”
  • “How can I develop passion from a past traumatic and defining moment to help others?”

If you haven’t discovered it yet, then make it a priority to find out. Start by trying new activities that you never thought you would attempt. In addition, also revisit hobbies that you once loved doing in the past.

As scary as it may sounds, you can also spend some alone time in nature. Your solitude in the wilderness will naturally erupt deep thoughts within you. This type of self-analysis and introspective work is necessary for discovering your passions.

This is especially important if you’re an introvert – someone who needs personal time to recharge your capacity to deal with others.

Another practical thing you can do to discover your passions is to dig deep into your past. There are traumatic events that have shaped you into who you are today. Use that drive to start building momentum towards a fiery passion.

In your life of rich tales, you have many untold stories that contain physical and emotional pain. How can you tap into those important moments and transform yourself so you don’t have to experience those struggles again?

What skills can you learn to cultivate so you can end others’ suffering by shortening their learning curve?

Unleash Your Full Livelihood

Having a passionate drive is necessary for your life. Without it, you’re blindly surviving following the crowd rather than living with a strong purpose.

Passion: Unleash Your Full Livelihood - Purpose Driven MasteryInstead of easily persuaded by the mass, you’re grounded in your own beliefs and values. By not yielding to everyone’s request, you only do what’s important to you.

In your interactions, you will exude energy and confidence in your conversations because of your intense conviction towards your beliefs. Deeply caring for something, you perform higher quality work than before. Others who vibrate on your level and resonate with your passion will gravitate towards you.

More contentment and satisfaction are your benefits of living with more zest. And you’ll have more fulfillment and meaning because of your contribution to something of importance.

During challenging times, your strong ethos and belief system are your greatest allies. They will help you overcome difficult struggles and award you the biggest growth.

Closing Thoughts

A man without passion is a man who’s not alive. If you don’t care about something, then you don’t stand for anything.

Lacking a backbone, you’re easily stepped on and convinced to adopt different ideas. This isn’t the quality of a strong masculine man.

To live life with passion means the willingness to suffer for the things that are important to you. Instead of doing what’s easy, go for what’s difficult. Even if you don’t know what the outcome might be.

Face uncertainty and trust in yourself and the process that everything will be fine in the end. And if everything’s not okay, then there’s more to do.

Tap into your passions and excitements and let them ignite with you through life. Your masculinity and livelihood depend on them.

Passion: Live With Zest - Purpose Driven MasteryStart living today with more vigor and energy. After doing that, you’ll wonder why you haven’t started earlier.

I am on a mission to help as many people as I can. But I can’t do that without your help. If you have a second, please share this article with anyone who you may think will find it valuable and helpful.

Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it!

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