Be Masterful Of Your Thoughts and Rise Above Challenges



Thoughts - Purpose Driven Mastery“Men do not attract what they want, but who they are.”

– James Allen

Choose Empowering Thoughts

My thoughts are the seedlings of my reality.

Oblivious to the power of my thoughts, I was easily persuaded and influenced by society and those around me. This included information taught in school, my friends’ stories and marketing messages seen on television.

Those influences caused me to believing everything that I was taught was the absolute truth.

Examples included me doing everything I was told without breaking the rules in order to live a happy and successful life. Other instances encompassed me believing that I’m not “good enough” for something unless I have “this” or “that.”

But after years of challenging my thoughts and beliefs, I discovered the real truth – the ideas that I choose to believe in.

Upon that awakening, I now have designed my life filled with influences that truly serve me. Only having carefully vetted each content creator, I choose my form of information consumption from books, podcasts, YouTube videos and TED talks.

Keeping up with the world, I minimally expose myself to the global news by reading a short five-minute email covering all the major world events. In addition, I keep my use social media to a bare minimum – only using for business purposes and connecting with friends.

Guarding my thoughts, I’m watchful of my relationships by constantly evaluating them. As a result, I only spend time with those who support and lift me higher instead of wasting my time with those who drag me down.

The last contribution to my influences is my self-talk. These are thoughts that manifest naturally – the conversations that I have with myself.

Thoughts: Choose Empowering Thoughts - Purpose Driven MasteryAlthough negative thoughts are normal, I don’t give them power through suppression. Rather I acknowledge them and choose positive self-talk.

Fear and doubt are most prevalent in times of struggle and challenge, but I always have the power to practice self-empowering thoughts.

The most challenging part of balancing positive and negative self-talk is determining the fine line between times to lean on my edge and when I should back off. This constant struggle requires self-recognition of ambition and self-love.

Regardless what I decided, I practice having the ability to rise above the challenge no matter what – the key to self-mastery. And it all starts with my thoughts.

Cultivating a habit of thinking positively, I ultimate create actions that exemplify those pure thoughts. Over time, I build my character based on those glorified thoughts.

Understanding that I’m only limited by my own beliefs, I choose self-empowering thoughts that allow me to become the man who I want to be.

Protect Your Sacred Mind

You are the sum of your thoughts, positive and negative.

From the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep, surround yourself with influences that positively impact you to become better.

That’s something you can always control, including the people who you spend your time with. That’s not to say you must actively remove people from your life, especially those who you’re related to such as family members and relatives.

Continually improving yourself, you give others the option of being supportive or outgrown. They can join you or be left behind as the choice is entirely up to them. Your family members and relatives will encourage you to strive for greatness if they truly care and love you.

In addition, be aware of your self-talk.

Thoughts: Protect Your Sacred Mind - Purpose Driven MasteryIn times of hardship, your doubts and fears will creep in. Negative thoughts will naturally manifest as they’re designed to “protect” you.

Don’t give them power through acknowledgment, but rather choose to believe that you can persist and achieve whatever you have set out to do. That’s because you’re always stronger than you think you are.

Your Thoughts Translate to Actions

Your thoughts blossom into action. Depend on their purity, you will have fruits of joy or suffering.

For example, if you think positively, then you’ll embody successful behaviors. Otherwise, you’ll exemplify negative actions.

To truly obtain what you want in the world, you must exemplify what you desire through harmonious thought and action. That’s the only way you will accommodate your prayers and wishes.

Thoughts: Your Thoughts Translate to Actions - Purpose Driven MasteryFor example, just the mere thought of wanting to be healthy will not allow you to magically be lean and strong. You must create time for exercise, eat nutrient-dense foods, and have sufficient recovery. Only by doing so, you’ll embody healthy habits and achieve the body that you want.

Through your beautiful thoughts, all other beneficial activities manifest. Despite your circumstances, you hold the key to shape your life’s perspective by the thoughts you choose to believe in.

You have the power to harness discipline by choosing self-serving thoughts under the most severe situations that directly shape your environment.

By practicing virtuous and righteous thoughts in your darkest and most challenging times, you will build a strong character. And that’s what truly defines your success – the measure of your character strength built through trials and tribulations.

Closing Thoughts

You are the master of your own thoughts as you can always choose your beliefs. If you can harness pure thoughts, then you’ll exude positive behaviors.

Therefore, you’re ultimately responsible for your beliefs, actions, and life.

From this perspective, you can achieve your desired outcomes by completing your thoughts through activities which are directly proportional to your magnitudes of effort. As a byproduct, your external qualities and traits such as intelligence, power, and discipline are the fruits of your intentional effort.

By feeding your mind with enlightening thoughts and fulfilling your life with glorified actions, you will slowly unfold your vision and make it a reality.

To reach mastery, you must first invoke the mind with positive thoughts. Despite the inevitable manifestation of impure thoughts, you can choose those purposeful ones that align your mission.

Having the ability to rise above the challenge through thinking and acting according to your highest desire is the definition of mastery.

Can you harness controlled thoughts that blossom into serenity and self-control?

Can you exude exquisite poise in times of chaos and turbulence?

Thoughts: Self-Control - Purpose Driven MasteryNo wind or storm can tear down the mountain if it remains calm and grounded. You can portray the same level of equanimity and serenity through your patient efforts of self-control by growing empowering thoughts.

By doing so, you’ll discover that you’re ultimately the maker of yourself and your life.

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