Understand the Law of Impermanence to Avoid Cravings and Aversions


Understand the Law of Impermanence to Avoid Cravings and Aversions - Purpose Driven Mastery“Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go.”

― Mooji

Nothing Lasts Forever

The only constant in life is change.

No matter where I am life, everything around me is continually altering.

When I go outside, the temperature is different from when I ran in the morning to the time I walked in the afternoon.

This type of change applies to everything in my life.

Even the house I live in will eventually change – whether it’ll be decomposed into small particles or renovated into a new building. However, I may not be alive to see it.

In terms of feelings, there will inevitably be times of sadness and joy.

For example, when I go on backpacking trips, I experience a sense of adventure. By enduring the long and strenuous hikes, I gain a sense of accomplishment. In addition, I get to see new and beautiful landscapes.

Nothing Lasts Forever - Purpose Driven MasteryDeep down, I know this journey will come to an end and I will return home eventually.

However, I don’t let that bring me down. Instead, it allows me to enjoy my vacation even more, by fullying plunging myself into the experience.

The opposite is also true.

I’ve had feelings of discomfort and pain during my hiking trips. For every steep hill climb, I know there’s an endpoint. A place where it flattens out and I will have time for recovery.

As a result, I embrace the struggle and put in my best effort to enjoy the tough challenge. Truly understanding nothing lasts forever empowers me to have:

  1. Show gratitude and appreciate the happy moments; and
  2. Have hope amidst dark times.

The Law of Impermanence

Everything (things, people, feelings, etc.) are impermanent.

They (even diamonds) will eventually fade away, including you. Fully comprehending this fact, there’s no need to cling to anything.

Yes, it’s against our natural instinct to let go of things we desire. That’s what makes it so difficult to do. Since deep down, we don’t want to believe that nothing lasts forever.

We tend to wish for feelings of sadness to dissipate, while we want joyful moments to last for an eternity. However, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having times of sorrow.

It’s a huge part of the full human experience.

Without the lows, we wouldn’t be able to distinguish the highs. By experiencing the valleys, you’ll learn to have a greater level of appreciation for the peaks.

Thinking that “This too shall pass” works in both ways.

If you’re currently in a wonderful place, chances are that it will come to an end. In times of joy, you know that feeling will eventually be gone. Therefore, to fully embrace the happiness is to fully immerse yourself in it.

The Law of Impermanence - Purpose Driven MasteryOn the contrary, if you’re in a dark place (suffering from a crisis of some sort), know that it’s not eternal. You can smile understanding there’s light at the end of the tunnel. At some point, this part of your life will dissipate. Believing the good times are ahead, you can learn to honor the struggle.

Avoid Cravings or Aversions

Naturally, we seek comfort because of our desire to live as long as possible. Therefore, we tend to want more pleasurable moments and start to build cravings for them.

On the contrary, because of our desire for safety, we despise discomfort. Due to the unenjoyable feeling, we begin to build aversions for times of hardship. We do all we can to avoid pain and suffering.

We numb ourselves with external substances for instant gratification. When we experience discomfort, we stop immediately and back away. However, we grow in those struggling moments.

For example, when you exercise and push yourself beyond your current capability, you will feel uncomfortable. This is especially true when you lift heavier weights than you’re used to. During those last few reps, you’ll feel extremely tired and physically drained. But if you can push through, you will break down the muscle tissues in that particular body part. As a result, with proper rest and nutrition, those same muscle fibers can be rebuilt to make you stronger.  

Avoid Cravings or Aversions - Purpose Driven MasteryThere’s a fine line between pain (sharp feeling) and discomfort.

A life that’s comfortable and lack misfortune is boring. A journey without trials and tribulations isn’t worth living.

Instead, experiencing a life with a worthwhile meaning is.

Inevitably, you will have times of mishap as well as moments of victory. It’s the valleys that make you appreciate the peaks.

But by understanding nothing is permanent, you learn to value each precious moment, positive or negative.

If life were a constant state of enjoyment, there would be no contrast. It would be a straight or an upward line.

The beautiful experience of life is to have both the inevitable ups and downs. It’s designed for you to feel all the emotions on the human spectrum.

Closing Thoughts

The most difficult thing to do is to fully embrace the present moment.

When we take time off from our job to enjoy ourselves, instead of appreciating our self-love, we tend to think about everything but our vacation. This could include work-related activities or things we need to do after we get back home.

However, when we are working; we think about the opposite. We dream about our next trip or the time away from work.

By doing so, we miss the most valuable gift of all – the moment we currently have. That’s the only thing which is guaranteed.

Although chances are high that tomorrow will always be there. But in reality, that’s not 100% certain.

Understand the Law of Impermanence to Avoid Cravings and Aversions - Purpose Driven MasteryAnything can happen between now and then.

Change is unavoidable. What you’re experiencing will be gone sooner or later. Therefore, treasure what you love and make peace when it’s gone. Also, power through the struggles knowing there’ll be an end.

I am on a mission to help as many people as I can. But I can’t do that without your help. If you have a second, please share this article with anyone who you may think will find it valuable and helpful.

Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it!

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